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Design should be practical, so we create with purpose. Quality should be standard, so we raise the bar. Cost shouldn’t deter, so we do things efficiently. Bikes shouldn’t be complicated, so we simplify. Riding should be fun, so all are welcome.
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the Fredward

Single Speed. Three Speed. 
Fredward does both of these.

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Parts & Accessories

We offer a few products that we think align with our mentality of giving the perfect balance of quality and affordability, because less is more, and 15 different bike pumps is 14 too many.

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You’re all walking, talking, and riding brand ambassadors for us, so we want to repay you by giving you a place to go for all your easy-to-follow, bike maintenance tutorials.

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How to Clean Your Chain

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How to Check Safety

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How To Install Your Fenders

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How To Fix A Flat Tire

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Culture Guide

Winter Riding Tips

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