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Beatrix City 3
LE Martini Olive

On sale now through
Mother’s Day

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Geared-up for city and road. Ultimate versatility. 5 Build Styles.

She Devil

Geared-up step-through to tackle any city or road. 4 build styles.


Simplified version of The Devil. City or Road.
Low Maintenance. 4 build styles.

Step-through version of the Fredward. Easy and fun to ride.
Simply high quality. 4 build styles.

Shipping Options

Pickup at Handsome

Twin Cities Only

The tailored Handsome experience, we keep you in the loop when your order comes in, fully assemble your bike, and personally make final adjustments when you’re ready to pick up. Only available at Handsome HQ.

Some Assembly Required

95% assembled

Assembled 95% at Handsome, we package and ship your bike in a standard box. Follow along with the assembly videos to finish installation on front wheel, front brake, handlebar, seat post, seat, and pedals before fully enjoying your Handsome Cycle.

Good To Go Delivery

99% assembled

The box won’t fit in your mailbox, but your order will be shipped 99% assembled. Just install the pedals, handlebar, and adjust the seat height for your preference by following our assembly videos and hop on.

Ship Straight to Bike Shop

Professionally assembled

Unsure of your own handiwork? We ship your order to the bike shop of your choosing to finish assembly. Enter the address of your shop when you order and we deal with all the logistics before you pick up. Price does not include mechanic labor costs.


You’re all walking, talking, and riding brand ambassadors for us, so we want to repay you by giving you a place to go for all your easy-to-follow, bike maintenance tutorials.

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