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Ride Your Bike Daily - 10 Blocks and 10 Pounds

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You may have heard of pledges going around to encourage people to ride their bikes. The pledge is intended to help you to get on your bike at least one time a day. This might sound like a big task for some. So, lets set the rules really easy. There is no minimum distance and no minimum time. 2 seconds and one pedal stroke counts. Just get on your bike at least one time a day. That's it.


The goal is to firmly integrate your bicycle into your daily life. That doesn't mean driving your car off a cliff and renouncing the use of gasoline forever. Really it just means rethinking, or rather, start thinking about how we use cars. There are times when jumping in the car is the easy choice and is a force of habit. But some of those times, the car isn't the best option. Just think about it before you go out and make the decision whether the car or the bike is a better choice. We want to help, so we created a game you can play with yourself.




Sometimes it can be hard to start a new habit, so lets play a game. It's called 10 blocks and 10 pounds. Are you thinking, I ride my bike 10 blocks and lose 10 pounds? That would be nice, right? But no, that isn't what we mean. The game is more of a pledge to yourself. If you are going somewhere and it is less than 10 blocks away and what you are carrying is less than 10 pounds, you ride your bike. Deal? That is pretty simple and will make you leave the car at home for short trips. Give it a try and send us examples of trips you make by bike that fit this bill.

Integrating your bike will be hugely rewarding, but you know what will make it even more fun? Setting yourself up for success with the proper gear. Of course clothing is of utmost importance. Make sure you dress for success. You can read all about it in our blog on the topic called "Lycra, Shmycra". But what else is there? Well, consider perhaps installing some Mud Butler Fenders on your bike. They keep you and your bike clean, and they look classy. Come on folks, It's Fender Season after all.

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So what of those pledges we were talking about? There are tons all around the U.S. in pretty much every major city. Here are a couple of examples. If you don't see your city listed, check out the website at the bottom of the list. The We encourage you to give them a try.


30 Days of Biking - Minneapolis


30 Days of Biking is a challenge to ride your bike every day in the month of April. There is no minimum ride distance and no minimum time. Check it out, take the pledge, and get out on your bike. Handsome will be donating our Mud Butler Fenders to the cause which will be given out as prizes at their weekly rides.


Minneapolis 30 Days Of Biking:


PDX May Bike More Challenge.


Bike to Work Month - San Francisco:


List of Bike Events in your city: