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Lycra, Shmycra

When you ask most people what comes to mind when you say the word “cyclist” more often than not they have a one word response, “lycra”. Which is fair. For decades the cycling industry has been trying to sell one image/aesthetic and that is racing. Which doesn’t really connect with a lot of people. If you spend anytime looking around our site you will see that “racing” just isn’t our cup ‘o tea. We think it is great and all, but it isn’t what we grew up with and what made us want to make bikes. Hence, we don’t make any “race bikes”.
The standard  uniform for the racer is a lycra kit (a jersey and bibs). Which is perfect for a racer who is ya know…racing. For those of us though who are just looking to go for a nice ride or commute to work or want to burn some extra calories it is certainly not needed.
So tight fitting spandex ain’t your bag eh? Here are some other options to consider.
There are great companies like Giro and Rapha that make some super cool (but pricey) clothes that look killer and also have a bunch of cycling functionality built into them. Better yet I've found most of this stuff works awesome for just about anything active. I use my “cycling” pieces from these guys for golf, snowboarding, swimming... you name it. I am constantly blown away at how well cycling clothing works so great for everything else. Namely because all the pieces are designed for movement, moisture management, inclement weather etc. All things that come about with any other activities.
That said, Giro and Rapha pieces come with a heft price tag. But there are some other waaayyy more affordable options. Levi’s has a killer “Commuter” line that makes brilliant and affordable jeans for men and women to ride in as well as jackets and sweatshirts. Heck, Uniqlo has merino wool pieces and pants with stretch for under $40. And the ultimate price conscious solution - wear what you already have! There is no uniform when it comes to riding. We believe that you should wear what ever you are comfortable in. If that is a burlap sack than all the power to ya!
One of our really good friends Max is my regular riding partner. I (Ben) love gear. So I have a closet full of cycling stuff. Max on the other hand shows up to my house ready to put down 100 miles wearing jeans and t-shirt and will absolutely destroy me on the road every time.
So, in conclusion - run what ya brung and have fun!
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