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XOXO Update 11/8/21

Hello XOXO Backers,

It is nearing the time when we expected the XOXO frame sets to arrive and we could start building all of the completes. Unfortunately, our factory is still running behind and the shipment could not go out on time. We are in pain as we really wanted to get these beautiful bikes built up and in your hands. We have talked with many of you over the last few months and we really appreciate all of the patience you have shown in this process. I just got an update from our agents that they have just been completed in manufacturing and that they are en route to the painter.


Although the timing has been seriously delayed, the results are going to be amazing. There is one exciting update on the build specs. The Araya factory is still shut down after attempting a move just before the pandemic hit and not being able to start production even to this day. As such, we decided to make a considerable upgrade to the rims we are using for our XOXO wheel builds. We have been working with the Velocity factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are now using exclusively the Hand Made in USA Velocity Dyad rim! Not only will the wheels be stronger, but we are supporting a US manufacturer. Very exciting.


Rim Update XOXO

Here are also some other cool documents from the process.


Decal Files

XOXO Box Files


As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions. Phone or text is better than email. My cell number is below. The XOXO is going to be a bike you'll love for life. I'm excited that they are happening, even though it has taken forever and a day.


All my best!

Jesse Erickson

Co-Founder, Handsome Cycles

(612) 865-7958

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