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Devil and Fredward Shipment Status 6/10/21

Dear Handsome Family,


Thank you so much for your patience in these tough times for the bike industry. We have never seen lead times for products like this and it has only happened this badly one time before in the last 70+ years. I just had a very long call with our factory last night to get clarification and timing of our Devil and Fredward shipment. Although we were expecting a completion time of mid-May initially when we placed the order last October, they explained that the pandemic has been causing a huge shortage of the high grade steel that we use in our frame production. These shortages have meant that orders in the queue before us had to be delayed and the ripple effect has caused delays on our orders as well. They were excited to tell me though that they now have the steel for our bikes and that the are starting production with an expected completion date of June 30th. From there, the frames need to go to our ED coater and then if it is a stock color, to the powder coater. So, what does that mean for timing?


The frames that are to be custom color powder coated will get shipped via air freight as soon as they are done at ED coating, which we are expecting to be July 10th. Air freight generally takes about 7 days door to door, so we should get the ED coated frames at Handsome on July 17th. They then need to go to our powder coater here in White Bear Lake, MN. I'm going to prep and push him to complete those in record time.


The stock color frames will be air freighted as soon as they are done at powder coating in Taiwan. We are expecting that to happen on July 20th. Those should arrive at Handsome on July 27th.


The builds on all pre-ordered bikes are first priority when they arrive at Handsome based on when the pre-order was made. We will contact you as the frames arrive so that you know exactly the date that your bike will be built.


If you haven't already placed a pre-order, but want a bike within this timeline, there is still time. We need your pre-order placed before June 30 to get it on the list for air freight. Any frame sets that are not pre-ordered after June 30th, will be shipped via ocean freight. Current transit times for ocean is about 45-60 days. Those remaining Devils and Fredwards are expected to arrive on August 31st.


We have already applied a credit of 10% of your bike purchase price for each of the pre-ordered bikes that haven't yet been delivered. If you have a pre-order in and are waiting for your bike, you either have a credit ready to be used, or if you have upgrades and accessories already on your bike, they have been discounted, in which case you have three options.

1. You can take a refund at time of delivery

2. You can add additional upgrades or accessories.

3. You can choose a gift card to give away or use later.


I know the waiting has been incredibly hard. It has been for us as well. I really wish there were more I could do to speed things up. Your business and loyalty means everything to me. Each of you are like my extended family and I wouldn't be able to do this without you. If you would like to chat or have any questions, feel free to call me anytime. My cell number is (612) 865-7958.


I hope you are doing well. Stay safe and all my best!


Jesse Erickson

Co-Founder, Handsome Cycles

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