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Banjo Brothers Waterproof Canvas Pannier Bag

$ 64.95
The Banjo Brothers Minnehaha Series Waterproof Canvas Pannier is made from a stout 20 oz. dry-waxed canvas. The impregnated wax finish helps the natural canvas fibers shed water. That's great but the real deal Holyfield is the removeable and replaceable waterproof liner. A rigid polymer back panel keeps the pannier from sagging.  Our basic hook and rention straps fits most racks with tubing up to 12 mm. (Racks like the Axiom Journey are a good choice for use with paniers) Two outside pockets for quick acess and a place to put your flashing light. 1100 Cubic Inches. 14"H x 11.5L x 6.75W.
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