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Beatrix City 1 Dynamo Matte Anthracite Honey Brown
$ 999.95
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“This bike is just the perfect no frills commuter for flat cities like Minneapolis.” — Eric Lyngaas, Expert Mechanic and Wheel Builder


We planned the build on this bike for months, with the sole mission of designing the perfect step-through simple single speed for city commuting and errand running. We left it clean as the base bike without an added rack or basket so that you can decide which is the best way to haul your stuff. Add the Axiom Journey rear rack, our Wire Basket with Handmade Wooden Platform, or basic Wire Basket, to give you the best place to haul your goodies.


Hold on though! What is so exciting about this new build? Well, a great dynamo lighting system built-in at a price point under $900. Dynamo lighting is the standard in most of Europe and with good cause. Want to read more about dynamo hubs and their benefits? Go here: https://handsomecycles.com/blogs/culture-guide/dynamo-lighting-101-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-greatest-invention-since-the-wheel-itself



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Beatrix City 1 Dynamo Matte Anthracite Honey Brown

Beatrix City 1 Dynamo Matte Anthracite Honey Brown


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