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FOXEYE StVZO LED Dynamo Headlight 40 Lux
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A solid choice for an entry level dynamo light. Not as bright as the B&M IQ-XS that comes in our better and best dynamo light packages, but has the same stand light feature and an on/off button so that you can ride without engaging your dynamo hub if desired.



  • Suitable for external dynamo(6V2.4W or 6V3W)
  • Suitable for hub dynamo(6V2.4W or 6V3W)
  • Suitable for 6V e-bike battery or AC 6V
  • Compact and brightness - 40LUX
  • With button to turn on and off the bicycle dynamo light
  • With parking light/steady light function,ensure safety when you are waiting for traffic light . 
  • The parking light will work about 20% brightness when stop cycling,and the parking light will last about 4 minutes after cycling over 5 minutes.
  • Looks as good on old calssic bikes as it does on new bikes
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Cable length:70cm for input,and 5cm for rear light connector.
  • IPX5 waterproof,heavy rain waterproof
  • weight:80g
  • size: 60x55mm
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FOXEYE StVZO LED Dynamo Headlight 40 Lux

FOXEYE StVZO LED Dynamo Headlight 40 Lux


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