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Hydda-Way She Devil City 8 Dynamo Holiday Martini Olive
$ 1,399.95
46cm (Pre-Order - June 2022) 49cm (Pre-Order - June 2022) 52cm (Pre-Order - June 2022) 55cm (Pre-Order - June 2022)
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We designed this bike specifically for the holiday guests at Hydda-Way at The Northern Express, but it is available to anyone who loves our stunning creation.


This build is based on our stock She Devil City 8 bike, but with a myriad of upgrades and add-ons. Powder coated in Martini Olive with a matte finish, this is a stunning build. The She Devil City 8 is a very comfortable ride, perfect for leisure rides, running errands, and even daily commuting.


Hold on though! What is so exciting about this new build? Well, a great dynamo lighting system built-in at a really great price. Dynamo lighting is the standard in most of Europe and with good cause. Want to read more about dynamo hubs and their benefits? Go here:




  • Handbuilt Wheel Set
  • Dynamo Front Hub with Front and Rear Dynamo Lighting
  • Brooks B17s Honey Leather Saddle
  • Handsome Leather Honey Grips (not shown)
  • Metallic Silver Ciclovation Slick Lube Weather Resistant Housing
  • Handsome Silver Basket With Handmade Wooden Platform
  • Craftfully Run Wiring For Dynamo To Be Extra Clean
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Hydda-Way She Devil City 8 Dynamo Holiday Martini Olive

Hydda-Way She Devil City 8 Dynamo Holiday Martini Olive


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