Limited She Devil City 8 Martini Olive In Spring
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$ 1,149.95
46cm (Pre-Order - March 2022) 49cm (Pre-Order - March 2022) 52cm (Pre-Order - March 2022) 55cm (Ready in 14-21 Days)
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Between now and Labor Day, get 10ONUS ($134.99 Credit) toward any upgrades or accessories when you buy this bike. Use it for a dynamo lighting system, upgraded saddle, added rack, whatever. Credit will be given after checkout and you will be contacted to redeem your choice of upgrade or accessories.

Sometimes we come up with a good looking bike. This build is based on our stock City 8 bike, but with a bunch of upgrades and add-ons. Powder coated in Martini Olive with a matte finish, this is a stunning build. The She Devil City 8 is a very comfortable ride, perfect for leisure rides, running errands, and even daily commuting. This bike is custom powder coated and ready in 3-4 weeks.




  • Brooks B17s Honey Leather Saddle
  • Handsome Leather Honey Grips (not shown)
  • Metallic Silver Ciclovation Slick Lube Weather Resistant Housing
  • Handsome Silver Basket With Handmade Wooden Platform
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Limited She Devil City 8 Martini Olive In Spring

Limited She Devil City 8 Martini Olive In Spring


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