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Sinewave Cycles Beacon
Sinewave Cycles Beacon
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If you want an all-in-one solution to dynamo lighting and usb charging for your devices, the Sinewave Cycles Beacon is the answer. Their convenient built-in switch makes it effortless to switch from full light mode, to full charge mode, or a hybrid of each. This high-quality, made in the USA product is on the upper end of dynamo headlights, but worth the investment for a year-round, everyday commuter looking for a charging feature in addition to their lighting.


The Light

With a fully symetrical light pattern, this light works equally well mounted to the fork crown or on your handlebars. Because of the built-in toggle switch, most find it convenient to have it mounted at the stem or bars so that you can easily reach the switch while riding. No mount is included, however, there are a ton of good mounting brackets available and each is specific to mounting location. Just ask if you have questions about what bracket you will need. Sinewave claims that the Beacon is fully waterproof and under testing has shown to be water tight under pouring conditions or submerged in shallow water.


The Charger

There are two output options: the USB port for plugging devices directly into the light, and a DC port generally used to run to a cache battery. The light comes with a DC to USB cable for charging a cache battery or charging a second device. At moderate speeds (12mph), and in full charge mode, the Beacon will charge a standard smart phone about 20% on a 5 mile ride. 

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Sinewave Cycles Beacon

Sinewave Cycles Beacon


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