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Good Dynamo Add-On Lighting System Panasonic
Good Dynamo Add-On Lighting System Panasonic
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This item is a full add-on kit for any new Handsome build to be purchased at the same time as the new bike. The taillight with this kit is designed for seatpost mount. This is ideal if you are not going to use a rear rack on your bike. If you add this while purchasing a bike, you will not need to do any of the work of installing the dynamo, lights, or running any cables. We will build your front wheel with the dynamo hub at the time of assembly and set-up the entire system. This is a really great entry level dynamo system for those just dipping their toes in the water. We call this our "good" package.


Included In This Kit:

Panasonic Rim Brake Dynamo Hub w/ Press Connector

FOXEYE Front Dynamo Light w/ Connecting Wires

Busch & Muller Secuzed Plus Taillight w/ Mounting Bracket


Just so it is very clear how we have set-up our dynamo kits for purchase, please let us explain. This kit is an Add-On for customers configuring a new Handsome bike. When adding this system at the time of purchase with a bike, we will handbuild your dynamo wheel, install your lights and expertly run your wires. If you already have a bike and are looking to enter the world of dynamo lighting, you'll need the entire wheel in your kit, or what we call an Upgrade kit. Please see either our Good Dynamo Upgrade Lighting System Panasonic, Better Dynamo Upgrade Lighting System Shimano Alfine, or our Best Dynamo Upgrade Lighting System SON 28.

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Good Dynamo Add-On Lighting System Panasonic

Good Dynamo Add-On Lighting System Panasonic


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