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We are now using exclusively the Velocity Dyad rim on all hand built wheels for the XOXO complete bikes! Quite an upgrade.

Velocity Dyad Upgrade



The 1 x 11 Build

See Complete Build Specs

In the cockpit area, this bike is the same. The huge difference is in the drivetrain. A 1 x 11 drivetrain provides a huge range with the simplicity of a single chainring crankset, thus eliminating the left shifter and front derailleur. We are using a 42t chainring, paired with a 11-42 cassette. For bike camping, touring, and commuting, the 1 x 11 option is great for the simplicity.




Frame Specs

                    Reynolds 520 Cold-Worked Butted, TIG Welded
                    1” Headtube, 30.0 Cup Size (J.I.S)
                    27.2 Seatpost Diameter
                    30.0 Seat Collar Size (Seat Collar Included - Silver)
                    68mm English Threaded Bottom Bracket Shell 1.37 x 24t
                    132.5 Rear Dropout Spacing, Semi-Horizontal
                    26” Wheel Size
                    26 x 1.95 (57-559) Tire Clearance Without Fenders
                    26 x 1.75 (47-559) Tire Clearance With Fenders (1.5 with tread)
                    Integrated Rear Cable Hanger
                    Rear Fender and Rack Mounts at Dropout
                    Rack Mounts on Seat Stays Near Seat Tube
                    28.6 Front Deraileur Mounting Size
                    Downtube Shifter Bosses / Downtube Stop Mounts
                    Cantilever / Linear Pull Brake Bosses
                    Weight:  56cm =  4.6 lbs

Fork Specs

                    Reynolds 520 Cold-Worked Fork Blades, Crowned, TIG Welded
                    Threaded 1” Chromoly Steerer Tube
                    26.4 Crown Race Sizing
                    100mm Spacing
                    Front Fender Mounts

                 Mid-Blade Eyelets For Front Rack
                    26” Wheel Size
                    26 x 1.95 Tire Clearance Without Fenders
                    26 x 1.75 Tire Clearance With Fenders (1.5 with tread)
                    Cantilever / Linear Pull Brake Bosses

                Weight: 2.2 lbs


Frame and Fork Drawing Links

XOXO Fork Drawing (All Sizes) 

49cm XOXO Frame Drawing

53cm XOXO Frame Drawing

56cm XOXO Frame Drawing

60cm XOXO Frame Drawing



This time around, we are offering the XOXO as a complete in two different drivetrain configurations. Both come stock with a moustache bar and bar end shifters. One is an update on the classic 2x configuration, but now with a 10 speed rear. The other is this uber modern update with a 1 x 11 wide range configuration. We have sourced a close cousin to the original Araya rims and have paired them with retro style sealed bearing Formula hubs. We are hand building each wheel in-house at Handsome in our new Handsome Handbuilt Wheelhouse led by master wheel builder Eric Lyngaas of Northern Rose Bicycles.


The Wheelset

Let's face it, a quality rim brake sealed bearing 11 speed compatible 26" wheelset in silver is about impossible to find these days. You know what else isn't just floating around everywhere? Araya rims. That's right, we are hand building each and every wheelset for these sweet babies and keeping it old skool.



Velocity Dyad silver 32 hole rims

Handsome New Route32 sealed bearing front hub

Handsome New Route32 sealed bearing 11s compatible rear hub

Cassette spacer for 7-10s cassettes

Stainless 2.0 spokes, brass nipples


The Moustache Bar

From The Retrogrouch

"The inspiration for the mustache bar came from bikes in Japan where many schools would ban kids from riding bikes with drop bars -- the belief apparently being that drop bars encouraged reckless riding habits. The semi-drop bars that these bikes used had a shape that was something almost between a flat bar and a drop bar which still allowed a fairly "sporty" riding position. The mustache bar adapted the shape, giving it more width and a bit more reach, making it suitable for American adult hands. Despite being a new, innovative shape, it had an oddly old-fashioned "retro" appearance -- making it both new and yet oddly familiar at the same time. It wasn't hard to imagine riders in the '90s (1890s, that is) riding on similar handlebars. Petersen and the folks at Bridgstone apparently loved them. The bicycling press apparently hated them." Read Full Article on the X0-1.


Also, here is a rather scholorly look at the Moustache Bar.



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