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XOXO Frameset Limited Edition 2021
XOXO Frameset Limited Edition 2021
$ 699.00
$ 419.95
Pearl Tusk Construction Pumpkin Metallic Purple
49cm 53cm 56cm 60cm
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Frame Specs

                    Reynolds 520 Cold-Worked Butted, TIG Welded
                    1” Headtube, 30.0 Cup Size (J.I.S)
                    27.2 Seatpost Diameter
                    30.0 Seat Collar Size (Seat Collar Included - Silver)
                    68mm English Threaded Bottom Bracket Shell 1.37 x 24t
                    132.5 Rear Dropout Spacing, Semi-Horizontal
                    26” Wheel Size
                    26 x 1.95 (57-559) Tire Clearance Without Fenders
                    26 x 1.75 (47-559) Tire Clearance With Fenders (1.5 with tread)
                    Integrated Rear Cable Hanger
                    Rear Fender and Rack Mounts at Dropout
                    Rack Mounts on Seat Stays Near Seat Tube
                    28.6 Front Deraileur Mounting Size
                    Downtube Shifter Bosses / Downtube Stop Mounts
                    Cantilever / Linear Pull Brake Bosses
                    Weight:  56cm =  4.6 lbs

Fork Specs

                    Reynolds 520 Cold-Worked Fork Blades, Crowned, TIG Welded
                    Threaded 1” Chromoly Steerer Tube
                    26.4 Crown Race Sizing
                    100mm Spacing
                    Front Fender Mounts

                 Mid-Blade Eyelets For Front Rack
                    26” Wheel Size
                    26 x 1.95 Tire Clearance Without Fenders
                    26 x 1.75 Tire Clearance With Fenders (1.5 with tread)
                    Cantilever / Linear Pull Brake Bosses

                Weight: 2.2 lbs


Frame and Fork Drawing Links

XOXO Fork Drawing (All Sizes) 

49cm XOXO Frame Drawing

53cm XOXO Frame Drawing

56cm XOXO Frame Drawing

60cm XOXO Frame Drawing


This time around, we are keeping it classic, but we are changing things up. We haven't touched the geometry of the frame, but we juiced up the options. We added a smaller size in the 49cm and you will have your choice of any of the original colors: Pearl Tusk, Purple Metallic, or Construction Pumpkin. In addition to the frameset only option, we are offering two different complete build options. Both built with the classic moustache bars, you can choose from an update on the classic drivetrain configuration 2 x 10 48/34 compact double 11-32 cassette, or a newer technology 1 x 11 drivetrain with a super wide range 11-42 cassette.


We have also switched the tubing to Reynolds 520 from the 631. We have done this for a few very good reasons. 

  • 1. The strength to weight ratio difference between 631 and 520 is small enough to be nearly insignificant. See the chart. 
  • 2. In addition, we wanted to keep this frameset on the more affordable end. Yes, the price is a tad higher than we were charging in 2011, but a lot has changed since then and prices are considerably higher on every aspect. If we used the same 631 tubing today, adjusting for inflation and the higher cost of manufacturing and shipping, the frameset price would need to be $899.95. Through extensive research and comparison, we do not feel that the benefits of 631 over 520 justify the added $200. 
  • 3. 631 tubing is made in the UK. The availability of that tubing is not good right now because of the global pandemic. If we were to source 631, it would be 2022 before we could deliver this frameset. Hence, we have decided on a very reliable, responsive, still relatively lightweight, and affordable option in Reynolds 520.
  • 4. We've designed a new special headbadge for this final classic release. The limited badge will come with each frameset, or you can back us for just the decal set and headbadge if you want to help. The actual headbadge will be rendered into an aluminum adhesive badge based on the graphic below.





Since this project is going well so far, we have decided to give back. Every frameset will come with the FSA Duron 1" headset. We realize that sourcing a quality headset is an extra headache, and we want to make it easy. Normally a $59.95 item, you will get it just for being awesome. We will even press the cups prior to shipping if you wish. Once funded, everyone who backed the frameset reward, will get a survey asking about size and color, and now whether you would like your headset pre-installed, or just put in the box with your frameset. Of course all of the completes will also come with this amazing headset. Yay!


FSA Duron 1" Threaded Headset



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XOXO Frameset Limited Edition 2021

XOXO Frameset Limited Edition 2021



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